About Us

PokeShop 96

What started out as a mobile application for Pokemon lovers all over to keep track of their TCG collection, 96Creative has expanded and decided to open a shop. Shop 96 is dedicated to selling quality products to their consumers online. Selling you Booster boxes, Booster packs, card singles, and more.

The App

A mobile app for Pokemon TCG players, and collectors. 'Collector for Pokemon TCG' allows you to easily search the database for cards from various expansions. Collector for Pokemon TCG's database includes all Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansions from Fossil up to the latest release, including the original Base set. All Pokemon cards are organized based on series, allowing you to navigate quickly. Information such as HP, evolutions and stage can be found once you tap on a Pokemon. You can keep track of the cards you own by adding them to your collection, or add the cards you want to your wish list.

To keep track of your Pokemon TCG collection download the mobile app 'Collector for Pokemon TCG' from the App Store, it's free!


Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Bovaird & Dixie.

Email: hello@96creative.ca

Phone: 647-980-7669

You will be notified by e-mail once your order is available and arrangements can be made for pickup.